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GOBLIN: New collaboration with Eric Grissom!

A few months ago I got a script from Eric Grissom , my frequent comic-spouse, after begging him to let me take a swing at it! 

I don't usually dig on fantasy in the Tolkein swords and sorcery stuff but my history of dungeons and dragons and all things Bethesda beg to differ.  I just have never enjoyed fantasy in comics.  Too many memories of the old Prince Valiant comics and Elfquest loose floppies in my comic shop as a kid.  

But  Eric  is one hell of a writer and sure enough it is all the types of Conan and Neverending story that gets my engine going.  Not fast

.. but moving.  

One year after Gregory Suicide  went off to the Dark Horse editors, We will be pitching GOBLIN. Around and see if anyone will give me a shot at fantasy and adventure!  

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