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GOBLIN: Making Sausage

I'd like to be as transparent as possible and show the process just as much as the final product. That includes the really cringey rough stuff along the way.

Early rough layouts with a splash of color to help the top panel register.

This is what we started with when I sent my initial pages for our new pitch "GOBLIN" over to Eric Grissom for review after going over his script. lazy rough and sketchy. My personal favorite are the teenage mutant ninja potato sacks standing in for dead goblins.

"Final" inks sent to Eric for review.

Then once we start getting pages together the time sink begins with hammering out all the teenie tiny details you dont think you will have to take an entire day to decide on. Like weapons...

Eric described it like picking out china patterns.  The real nitty-gritty of comics in the beginning is second guessing EVERY little detail.

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